It’s been a few days

I had a long couple of days. I signed up for hours Monday morning only to realize that I had to work Monday night as well. I didn’t sleep and I had a very hard time driving home I think I fell asleep at least three times driving. So thankfully this is the last week I’ll be on graveyard as my oldest will be here for the rest of the summer.

Taking Tuesday night off and just use that to recuperate.

I woke up this morning kind of groggy I didn’t get very much sleep. But I had a doctor’s appointment so I got up but the kids ready we went to the doctor’s appointment. Baby is measuring perfect im 24 weeks today. His heartbeat is perfect. The only thing is,  I did lose a good chunk of weight. So I’ll be seeing a nutritionist soon. I also had went out to get a belly support because my back is killing me.

When I got home I sat down on the couch and I fell asleep and I told the kids to go play quietly. They did pretty good but I could still hear them talking which didn’t prevent me from sleeping but I started to have sleeping paralysis, something I haven’t had to happen to me in a while.

Once I finally was able to wake up I asked my oldest son to come sit by my feet and to monitor me just in case I end up falling back asleep again. Which he did and I did not fall back to sleep.

I got up and went to the store to get some meat and I decided that we would eat tacos but I wasn’t going to put very much effort into making tortillas and salsa.

So I did a quickie version: I bought the carnicerias tortillas, the meat is beef. And referred to as para taco. I used green salsa and mixed it with avocado smashed and topped it with queso fresco.

This is just a version of Taco that I do. I usually make homemade Fresh Tortillas and a Salsa Fresca de molcajete. I’ll probably upload a video on how I make my tacos soon.

As of the moment I I’m getting ready to head off to work in a couple of hours. So I might lay down for a little bit to take a quick nap after my clothes are done in the washer.

I’ll be back soon I hope you guys have a good day.

What to do about wasteful kids?

I had a headache brutale. I went to lay down after I ordered chinese for dinner last night. My 6 and 4 year old were instructed to clean up the kitchen area. As they made messes on the floor. They’re only obligation at that time was to clean up the floor. I had the Chinese food on the table for when my mom got home on the hour after we just ate. I told my six year old not to throw the food away that there was plenty of it for tomorrow. This was $60 worth of Chinese. I woke up this morning and saw that the kitchen was pretty much cleaned and the food was gone off the table. And went to refrigerator and noticed that there was nothing there. I realize that my children just threw $60 worth of food into the trash can. I gave him a piece of my mind and I told them that they were not going to eat out for a very long time. And that whatever I can afford is what they’re going to eat from now on. It took me an entire day of work to produce $60 after taxe, and that was not an okay thing to do. Even after I had told them not to throw the food away. Grandma did not get any food either.

Today has been nothing but cleaning and yes the one who made the decision to throw the food away ended up getting the most chores to make up for. And I don’t even feel bad. He’s a very bright boy and he decided to be wasteful and I’m not sure why. I know children will be children but I guess these are Lessons Learned. They have been working all day no TV. Let’s see how much they appreciate what’s given to them. My son did come up to me tonight at dinner and apologize for being wasteful. That was not prompted. God is good.

I decided to just call myself down ignore and do my devotional and reading for the morning before anything.

I took a shower and then I got ready for the day and went out to the Dollar Tree. I got some canned goods and also a quart jug to make some juice and a few other things. If I can get it at the Dollar Tree first then I get it at the Dollar Tree. I will get whatever I can’t, i get from the grocery store. I’ll keep my receipt for the next trip to the grocery store to see if I got ripped off or not.

As you can see I live in Oregon so no sales tax. But Oregon taxes are ripped from my check and trust me it’s very ugly. If you live in a state that you have to pay sales tax understand that you’re getting the better bargain..

Tonight is fajita night. I bought some beef the other day that I’m going to use. I usually use chicken as it is cheaper. But I saw the beef and I couldn’t resist

Relax day

Yesterday I got home and I slept for a short amount of time after I took the kids to school. I got up and went to go get them. We came home and I tried to rest a little bit before I had to get ready to go to the next town for my best friend’s graduation. She has now completed her nursing program and I’m super super excited and happy for her! She was very hard over the past few years. I’m glad that I got to see her receive her degree! I only could stay for a little moment before I had to go home to get ready for work sadly enough. She’s supposed to have her party but we will see if we will go as I am pretty exhausted.

As for today, I got home from work a little after 7 am. I didnt have to get the children up this morning so I went straight to sleep.

Around 9 a.m. The kids were woke and started to get rowdy. Of course it’s only when I’m trying to sleep when they decide to start to argue and one of the children ended up getting slapped by the other. So had to separate them and ask my twelve-year-old to please keep the 4 year old entertained. So I was able to sleep for 2 more hours. Around that time I woke up I fed the children and took a hot bath. My back has been killing me with this pregnancy.

My first day off I usually don’t do a whole lot because I’m so exhausted from the week. So we are relaxing and the kids are just hanging out building their little fortresses. I’ll probably send out some faxes and update any information for school. And try to figure out my finances for the next two weeks. And as for right now we are about to figure out a late lunch and enjoy this little Day of Play.

I’ll be checking back in later 🙂

An off day

Good morning.

So my day did not go as planned. My friend had her baby almost two weeks ago and I hadn’t gone to see her yet. But I was giving the family time. I’m expecting as well so I want my space so I figured to give them space and I told her to call me when she was ready. I took my four-year-old and we headed over there probably about 1. She had just moved into a new place so that it was nice and we visited for a little bit. I went and grabbed the little baby out of the swing and she was very very good and did not wake up at all. Of course just like most parents I took a little sock off ,had to see her little toes! My daughter wanted to hold her but she ended up cuddling with the dog instead.

It’s been quite a while since I held a little newborn in my arms. She did start to wake up and I literally did not know what to do. I was like oh my gosh I’ve had four children and I’m expecting one right now and had no clue what to do! My friend grabbed her bottle and handed it to me. I always feel that it’s weird to give a child a bottle because I nursed my children. I had to leave to go pick up my kids from school. So I handed her back to her mommy. My little four-year-old stayed behind to hang out for a little bit.

It was 89 degrees outside and I’m going to tell you what in the car it was about a 110! As I drove down to the school my stomach began to turn the heat actually really got to me plus the fact I haven’t eaten lunch. My six-year-old hopped in the car and it went home to wait and eat something. My 12 year old gets off 45 minutes later.. we just ate some waffles for a quick snack. I really wasn’t feeling good. I just wanted to pass out by that time. I took a water and me and my six-year-old boy took off to go get his brother. I pull up to the school (he had already tried calling me cuz I was a little bit late).We usually go Pokemon hunting after school but I really wasn’t feeling well so we went straight to go pick up his sister and went home.

Once we got home I grabbed my four-year-old and made her lay down in the bed and I lay down. We took a nap and I think I slept until about 5. I woke up with a brutal headache. Took some Tylenol drink some water. I talked to an old friend over the phone for a little bit. I sent the boys to bed around 7 pm. Hung out with the baby and ate dinner that my mom made. She made spaghetti.

I wanted to go for a walk. But my head was still hurting. And I was very tired. I got back on the phone for a little while talking to the friend from California. It got closer to 10 and I was over it. Me and the baby girl laid down and went to sleep.

It was not an eventful day and it sucked that I did not get anything done around the house like I had planned.

Today I have my dpsst training at 1:30. I have to pick up the kids from school around 12:30 to take them to my sister’s house.

I messed up and should have worked last night and then skip tonight for work. So now I’m going to have a very long day. But what I might do is take a nap after my class and hopefully that will help me get through the night.

I cannot wait until I’m done working night shift. furthermore, I’m more excited to not work in the next few months after this little baby boy is born!

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow. I hope you guys have a good day.


Hello all! I’m YG. I’m a single mother of almost five children. I’m currently pregnant with my 5th baby. I have two beautiful daughters and going to be having my third handsome son. I am very grateful for my children. I know that life isn’t What It Seems at times. And I know that we all have to go through struggles and pain. I decided to start this blog to document my journey being a single mother. I have my struggles just like everyone else. Keeping up my home, feeding my children, keeping them from creating disasters, disciplining my children and trying to build a foundation for myself so that I can give my children the best life.

This is my first time blogging. Please bear with me I am not the best writer. I’ll be sharing my daily struggles keeping up with this crazy life.

At the moment I work a full-time job. I am 23 weeks pregnant and I have no clue what’s in store for me when my little Mister is here. I know that I won’t not be working at my job anymore. Because I do believe that the first day of a baby’s life is so crucial. I want to be able to breastfeed my child and give them the best start at life.

I don’t have to go to work tonight such a good little nap I will be breaking down one of the biggest monsters in this house. My laundry.. I absolutely hate laundry. I feel like it’s the most dreaded chore in the world. Something about putting them away is an endless chore. They’re little more monsters in his house that I have to tackle. But that’s going to be the number one since I feel like that’s the one that’s consumed my life the most. LOL I’ll be checking back here soon! tata for now!